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What will It Cost?


1. Uniform Needs

Unit members are glad to advise new recruits as to items necessary to provide an accurate appearance. Co A 14th IND assists new members with equipment until they are able to purchase equipment. We want new members to purchase their sack coat, pants and brogans by the end of the first year. The following is required for a complete impression:

Dark blue sack coat, light blue trousers, unbleached muslin shirt, suspenders, wool socks, dark blue kepi, unbleached muslin drawers, brogan style shoes, dark blue wool covered canteen, cartridge box and sling, 1861 Springfield rifle, black cap pouch, black waist belt, bayonet and scabbard, black tarred haversack, and brass buckles and plates. Additional items may be purchased such as formal apparel and knapsack. Fall Creek Suttlery is a close supplier that you can check for prices.

2. Camp Needs

Each soldier needs to purchase two "dog tent" shelter halves, end flap, cup, plate, silverware and two wool blankets. Additional items may include quilts, camp chair, Bible, carpetbag or box, skillet, lantern, authentic games and literature.

3. Event Costs

Events Have registration fees of $5 -20 usually. The unit also charges about $15 an event to cover food and ammunition.